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Welcome to The Box!

Great you could make it to our site. You’re probably wondering what this is all about. Is it creative journalism? Mainstream populist journalism? What exactly is The Box? Well, the box is your mindset (no, honestly). At The Box, we aim to make you consider real topics outside the box (ironic – we know!).

The Box was created to grow your mindset, so we’d like you to know we’re no ordinary blogging site. Yes, we may be relatively young with regard to experience and age, but that’s the reason why we’re so good. Yes, we sometimes have ideas that make no sense. And sometimes we can get over-emotional on topics – but we don’t care. This is raw journalism from the generation who matter the most: the youth of today. We’re happy to make a mistake and own it. But when we get ignored because people say we’re ‘too prone’ to making mistakes, that clearly infuriates us. We’re tired of being ignored.

So this isn’t a site dedicated to perfect grammar, to perfect ideas or perfect knowledge. This site is dedicated to all the young people in the UK who’ve had an opinion and wanted it published. This site is dedicated to all the young people with dreams they want to make a reality. This site is dedicated to showing the world that young people do matter. We can change the world. And one step at a time, we will…