Nicole Bendon | Political Editor | Friday 22 July 2016 | GMT 12:30 | @Nicolebendon_x

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President of the United States? Like any sane and normal person, I know who I would cast my vote for straight away. It is utterly ridiculous that we live in an age where this racist, homophobic and outright sexist man could potentially become the most powerful man in America and albeit, the world.

I genuinely cannot fathom what has brainwashed so many Republicans and voters in America to support such an egotistical and dangerous man for President. I mean, let’s all join in remembering some of the most iconic Donald Trump gaffes. Who can forget the time he cruelly mocked a disabled man on national TV or the time he referred to Mexican people as “rapists” and “paedophiles” – quite frankly, in my opinion, the man is a danger to society and a complete idiot. Seriously, what a time to be alive! By January 2017, we could potentially have Donald Trump as POTUS, Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and Vladimir Putin as President of the Russian Federation. Fantastic. Finally, we have the engines of world peace at full throttle.

As a young girl who has studied politics now for two years and become increasingly interested in the discipline both inside and outside of school, it won’t come as a shock to you that I am completely against Trump. This is for many reasons, but most importantly due to his degradation of women everywhere. Not only has he referred to women as “disgusting fat pigs”, but he has also justified this by claiming, in the first Republican debate, that he was simply “keeping it real”. Honestly, Donald, perhaps you should keep it shut instead of “keeping it real”.

This leads me onto some very good reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Trump. She’s a feminist (watch out guys) and therefore immediately, if you are a decent human being, she appeals to you as she fights daily for the rights of women. This includes attempting to end the “gender pay gap” that exists around the world today, which saw full time working women earning 18% less than full time working men in 2013. In addition to this, despite her flaws, Clinton does not pose a threat to Hispanics by proposing to build a wall and making Mexico pay for it!

Yes, I agree that Clinton has her flaws and has made some errors in her years, including the infamous email scandal. However, I wonder how one can even attempt to argue that Trump is better for America than she is. Similar to Boris Johnson, Trump makes such idiotic comments that it is simply impossible to take his unrealistic policy suggestions seriously at all. The difference is, when I watch Clinton’s campaign videos and her speeches that she gives across America, I don’t fear what she says and I sure don’t sit there in disbelief over her comments.

Honestly, I can’t find one thing likeable about Trump at all. Even his wife (Melania) is a liability, copying Michelle Obama’s convention speech almost word for word and thinking nobody would notice. Seriously what has the world come to where this man is able to be the Republican nominee for President!? It confuses me relentlessly.

However, I have to admit that he has managed to fool the majority of Americans and even myself, who genuinely believed he would fall at the first hurdles in the primaries and caucuses to be considered the laughing stock of the election. Okay, so maybe the second part is still true, but he did storm his way through the primaries, defeating much more politically eligible candidates like Ted Cruz (Senator of Texas) and Marco Rubio (Senator of Florida). So in some way, he has to be congratulated for quite possibly being the most underestimated candidate in quite some time to become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, being more of a shock than Obama winning the Democrat Presidential nomination over Clinton in 2008.

Despite his apparent success, his “charisma” will soon wear off – at least I hope it will. I can’t imagine the kind of chaos this man would cause as President of the United States. I can picture it now – him “accidentally” posting nuclear launch codes on his Twitter page and then somehow blaming it on the Mexicans. For me, I would never in a million years vote for this man. I may be conservative, but I’m not that conservative.


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