Josias Senu | Editor-in-Chief | Wednesday 31 August 2016 | GMT 16:00 |

Quite simply extraordinary – that was the instant feeling I got when I first entered Pinsent Masons, and by Friday I was wishing for one more week. Pinsent Masons had certainly left its mark on my fellow seven work experience students as well as me. And it was no ordinary mark; they had a set a standard that would be very hard for other law firms to match…

From the presentations to Practice Groups, I was treated like a valued member of the firm. If ever one thought the phrase “a friendly international law firm” was a merely a marketing tool, they would be pleasantly surprised after just a day at the firm. The partners, associates, solicitors and trainees all share the characteristics of humility and honesty. And despite a perception from some outside Law concerning the cold-hearted nature of commercial lawyers, Pinsent Masons does everything well to bust that myth.

It would be easy to summarise my experience of the week by simply listing what I’d done or who I’d met, but it would serve no practical use. The bottom line is: you will be busy, you will be expected to submit work of a good standard, but you will not be asked to complete the unachievable. And there’s nothing more you should want from your work experience placement.

All the essential questions you have are answered such as: do I want to become a lawyer? What type of lawyer do I want to be? Where would I see myself practicing? How do I become a lawyer? What are the hours like? Does it pay well to be a lawyer? Do I enjoy sitting at a desk, meeting new clients or going to court? We were encouraged to ask as many questions as we wanted, and so I never felt like I couldn’t get the necessary insight I needed.

Pinsent Masons certainly helped me clarify a few questions and thoughts I had, which is extremely important when you want to pick a career in Law. The solicitors, trainees and partners helped me understand and appreciate the activities of a commercial law firm on a global scale. By the end of the week, I began to appreciate how adopting a client-based approach certainly changed your legal perspective.

Coming from a state school and a background where if you wanted to achieve you had to work hard, Pinsent Masons demonstrated to me that it was possible to do exactly so, that the only difference between a dream and goal is the action you take. Pinsent Masons is an excellent example of a law firm who not only care about their clients’ interests, but people. People are at the centre of what makes Pinsent Masons so exceptional. And this approach is why individuals like me are presented with the opportunity to take action. I guess there are not many law firms in the world who can say that!

So I’d like to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who worked with my fellow work experience students and me – to the warm staff at reception, the security guard who helped take my photograph on the first day, to Songul Matyar for making me feel welcome, to Samantha Carter for making me feel valued, to Genna Oakes for making me appreciate research and to Nicola King for showing me my dreams and hopes can come true. And while I say these thanks, it just wouldn’t be right not to mention Kirsty Cowan. She is quite frankly one of the best individuals at the firm you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing.

I had fun – we had fun together. And while it pains me to rest my pen, I do so with a warm smile as I reminisce about my breathtakingly memorable week at Pinsent Masons. But hopefully, it won’t be for the last time…

Pinsent Masons is an international law firm ranked in the top 15 of UK law firms and the top 68 of law firms globally.  Josias spent his week in the different practice areas of the firm under the guidance of trainee solicitors, solicitors & partners, where he was able to gain an understanding of the type of work they undertake.

Featured Photograph (left to right): Eduard Plaut, Year 12 student hoping to study History at Cambridge; Ronan Pandit, Year 12 student hoping to study Law at Oxford; Josias Senu, going to study Law at LSE; Amelia Rawlinson, Year 12 student hoping to study Law at Cambridge; Emily Robinson, going to study Liberal Arts at Durham; Katie Bowen-Nicholas, going to study Law at Newcastle; Gabriella Criscuolo, hoping to study Biomedical Sciences at Oxford; Alice Cutler, going to study Law at Southampton.

You can also read this article on Pinsent Masons’ Graduate blog here! If you’re interested in Law, Pinsent Masons’ Graduate blog is certainly a cool place to read a few articles about vacation schemes, work experience placements and as well as general stuff on legal careers and advice.

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