Ronan Pandit | Friday 2 September 2016 | GMT 16:00 | | @RonanPandit

When the result of the Brexit vote rolled in at 4am in the morning of 24 June, social media erupted into a cacophony of anger, joy and anxiety. Disgruntled youths and the pro-EU camp took to the internet to voice their outrage at a result that, in their eyes, underlined a growing idea the UK had become racist and bigoted. It was not long before the tantrums and toy throwing of the left grew into calls for a second referendum.

Of course, Brexiteers had no reason to worry. The very notion of a second referendum struck at the heart of everything undemocratic, and a nation such as Britain would never allow such an assault on democracy. Unfortunately, that has not stopped the pro-supranationalists in their incessant cries to remain in the EU. This childish behaviour has been performed most recently by the Liberal Democrats, predominantly by their leader, Tim Farron, who announced to a Manchester audience that he would continue in his campaign to keep Britain in the European Union – despite it being more than two months after the vote.

Many have argued that it is well within the right of the people to desire another referendum. However, in the words of the Rolling Stones, “you can’t always get what you want”. Paul Joseph Watson has also revealed his critical outlook on the reaction of the left, saying: “You lost. Get over it”. Of course, the feedback of the left came at no surprise; the potential of a second referendum had been discussed weeks before 23 June. But the sheer immaturity of those protesting the result has revealed everything that is disgraceful about the youth of Britain – that they are less tolerant and less deserving of a vote than was previously thought.

Aside from the remainers’ attempts to achieve a second referendum, they have continued to fight the Brexit overthrow of the political establishment. Farron epitomised this when he released another wave of fear mongering in order to turn more of the British public into ‘Brexit fearers’. Farron argued that “forces of racism, intolerance and hate” could hijack the result – because this isn’t an exaggeration. This unsubstantiated idea that the Brexit result has incited a surge of xenophobia has become more and more infuriating.

Never before has a vote made people become racist, yet the media has decided that leaving the European Union brings out the racist within all of us. Farron has also tried to attack the conscience of Brits, claiming: “Britain is better than that”. This weak attempt at guilt tripping the population is nothing more than cheap political point scoring. Tim Farron, despite being a Liberal Democrat, has a lot going for him – he is honest, critical, and appears to genuinely want to do what is best for the general public. Nonetheless, this feeble tactic is only damaging his image, and is a weak last attempt to gather support for a lost cause.

In addition to his scare mongering, Farron has been spreading fears over a non-existent issue. In one of the most baffling comments of 2016, the Liberal Democrat stated that Nigel Farage and the French National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, should not “dictate our policy” with regards to the EU. Perhaps he needs reminding that only those in power can legitimate policy. I can therefore happily say that the French National Front and UKIP will not be affecting how Theresa May and the Conservative Party deal with the endeavour of leaving the European Union.

I understand that people are upset by the result of the EU referendum. But in a democracy, we do not always get what we want. The decisions made by voters require tolerance and a willingness to move on – even if we feel cheated by the political system. The reactions of the left have been juvenile and shameful. We are not a nation of racists. We are not a nation of bigots. Do not allow people to make you feel guilty for voting ‘Leave’. This charade has gone on for too long, and it is time we respected the will of the people.


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